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Lost Nazi train full of gold 'discovered' beneath Polish city


A train thought to be full of lost Nazi gold is believed to have been unearthed in Poland.

Two men claimed to have found a legendary Nazi ‘ghost’ train that disappeared without trace in April 1945 with a cargo of gold as it fled the advance of the Red Army.

'Significant find' is near the city of Walbrzych in south-western Poland, which was the last known sighting of the train before it disappeared into a mountain pass in the region.

It is alleged the train vanished near Ksiaz Castle in Walbrzych which was the local Nazi HQ during World War II.

The two men who have apparently found the Nazi gold train said they will only reveal its location if they are guaranteed to receive a  finders' fee of 10 pc of its value.  

Zygmunt Nowaczyk, the city’s deputy mayor, said a lawyer representing the two men told him that the lost train is somewhere in the southwestern city.

Mr Nowaczyk said on Wednesday that the lawyers have not offered any proof of the alleged discovery.

Nonetheless, he said he will pass on the information to the national government because if found, the train would be state property.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “The city [of Walbrzych] is full of mysterious stories because of its history. Now it is formal information — [we] have found something.”

Towards the end of World War II, the Nazis built many installations underground to protect against Allied air raids.

One of the biggest construction projects in the history of the Third Reich, Project Riese involved digging miles of tunnels in a series of complexes across the Walbrzych region, which was until 1945 part of Germany.

Thousands of slave labourers died hewing the rock.

To this day not all the tunnels have been explored so believers in the gold train legend say the train and its missing cargo may still lie hidden.