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Lost fans won't have to wait for finale after RTE's U-turn

RTE has been forced into a U-turn by Lost fans and will now air the much-publicised finale just hours after it is screened in America.

A spokesperson for RTE told the Herald that it will now be possible for the broadcaster to screen Lost on RTE Two next Monday.

"RTE is now in a position to broadcast the season finale of Lost within 16 hours of its premiere in the US," the spokesperson confirmed to the Herald.

The two-hour special, entitled The End, will be broadcast at 9pm next Monday. The creators of Lost, which stars Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox, have promised fans that the episode will tie up any loose ends or confusion viewers have experienced during its six-year run.

It was initially feared that RTE viewers would have to wait a further four days before they could see the series finale. American broadcaster ABC, who screen the series, teamed up with Sky TV and will broadcast the finale at 5am on Monday morning across the world.


However, it was claimed RTE wouldn't be able to screen it until Thursday as there was no earlier window available for the broadcast.

But now RTE viewers won't have to get up at such an early hour -- and will be able to catch it on RTE Two at 9pm on the same day.

"We have made this decision in the interest of Lost's loyal audiences who followed all six series on RTE Two," the spokesperson said.

"In total, 59 countries around the world will air the final episode from 24-48 hours after the US broadcast.

"Also, die-hard fans will get the opportunity to watch a Lost special later that night.

"Lost -- The Final Journey looks back over the past six seasons of this groundbreaking show and offers behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew. It will be broadcast at 12.20am on RTE Two," the spokesperson added.