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Losses narrow at Thornton's

Losses last year narrowed sharply at the Michelin-starred restaurant Thornton's, owned by celebrity chef, Kevin Thornton.

The abridged accounts, just filed to the Companies Office by Conted Ltd trading as Thornton's Restaurant, show that the business recorded an after tax loss of €5,631 to the end of August last year after recording a loss of €9,504 in 2012.

The figures show that the firm was sitting on accumulated losses of €79,260 last year as its cash pile decreased sharply from €120,262 to €80,161.

Tribute to car death girl

The family of a six-year-old girl who died after being hit by a car being driven by her mother said they are "coming to terms with this terrible accident".

The mother was attempting to park the car outside Hounslow West tube station in south-west London yesterday when she struck Bolutito Shodipe.

A family statement released by police said: "Bolutito was our eldest daughter and no-one could have asked for a better daughter.

"She was a beautiful, 
well behaved, girl who loved ballet and who will 
be sorely missed by all 
of us."

Ebola drug for Liberia docs

A consignment of experimental Ebola drugs arrived by plane in Liberia yesterday to treat two doctors suffering from the virus, which has killed more than1,000 people across four West African countries.

The drug, ZMapp, arrived in white boxes on a commercial flight, a witness said. It will be taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial hospital in the capital and administered to doctors Zukunis Ireland and Abraham Borbor, government officials said.

'Hamas break truce' - Israel

The Israeli military said at least three rockets have been fired at Israel despite Hamas saying the ceasefire is extended.

Earlier, Israeli police said a rocket landed in Israel two hours before the end of the truce.

It fell in an open area 
and caused no damage or injuries, a spokeswoman said.