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Losing my hair was devastating, says Louise

Broadcaster Louise McSharry has revealed that losing her hair due to her cancer battle was harder to deal with that she expected.

"I really thought it wouldn't be a big deal. I'd had short hair before, and loved it," she wrote in Image magazine as part of the Paint It Pink campaign by the Irish Cancer Society.

"It came as a shock to me when I found myself crying, alone, afraid to leave the house after shaving my head.

"My hair had started falling out the previous week, and in order to stave off weeks of upset as clumps of it came out in the shower, I'd decided to get rid of it all," she revealed.

However, while Louise thought she was fine, she confessed she found it hard to leave the house following her head shave.


"I needed to go to Tesco, but was paralysed by fear. The bravado had abandoned me, and I had no choice but to face the reality of what I was feeling - ugly and unfeminine," she said.

"I didn't leave the house that day - or even the next day. The life of a hermit is not one that suits me though, so eventually I had to go out, and unsurprisingly, I was fine.

"No one stared at me, or made comment, and eventually I was happily bopping around town like nothing had happened at all," she confessed.

Louise (31) has been incredibly open about her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma since being diagnosed in August.

She is taking a break from her 2FM show while undergoing treatment and Eoghan McDermott is filling in for her until she returns to her slot next year.