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Lorry attacked after joyriders damage modular homes site


The site in Cherry Orchard was badly damaged by the joyriders

The site in Cherry Orchard was badly damaged by the joyriders

The site in Cherry Orchard was badly damaged by the joyriders

A gang of joyriders burnt out a car at a site where emergency modular housing is being built for 24 homeless families.

The vehicle was driven through a steel fence surrounding land in Cherry Orchard on Friday night and then set alight. Dublin City Council has begun work to ready it for the units.

When a lorry was sent in to remove the burnt-out car on Saturday afternoon it attacked with rocks by youths and forced to withdraw.

Sinn Fein Councillor Daithi Doolan, chairman of DCC housing committee, said the site had previously been a hub for anti-social behaviour, with joyriding and quad bikes being used.

"Those involved should stop for a minute and just think about the damage they are doing to Cherry Orchard," he said.

"The damage at this site is unacceptable and should not have happened. It puts local people at risk.

"These homes are badly needed by the hundreds of families stuck living in hotels across Dublin," he added.

Construction of the modular housing is not expected to be delayed, as the project is between phases at the moment.

Responding to the damage caused, Cllr Doolan told the Herald that council workers came out on Saturday to clean up the construction site.

"I contacted both the city council and gardai several times to try and clean up the damage and repair the fence. It was all very frustrating for local residents who had to wait so long for a response. I'm now urging the council to employ security to prevent this happening again."


The site was left unattended over the weekend and its fencing is due to be repaired today, he added.

Separately, gardai have said they will increase patrols in the area to curb anti-social behaviour.

DCC is due to install CCTV in the coming weeks to tackle joyriding in the Cherry Orchard area, but declined to comment when asked by the Herald about the cost of the damage caused and if it was considering 24-hour security for the site.