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Lord Mayor on child testing

In a Herald article of May 24, 2012, we erroneously stated that Dublin Lord Mayor Andrew Montague proposed testing pregnant women for alcohol consumption.

We are happy to clarify that Mr Montague did not propose such a measure, but advocated the screening of young children for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome disorder.

Solicitor denies marriage scam

A solicitor and three other men have denied involvement in a scheme to arrange sham marriages.

Tevfick Souleiman (38) Zafer Altinbas (37) and Cenk Guclu (41) and pleaded not guilty at London's Old Bailey to immigration and tax fraud charges.

Furrah Kosimov (28) denied concealing proceeds of crime or removing them from the country. The men are accused of involvement in a scheme to arrange sham marriages for non-Europeans wanting to enter the UK.

Flier tries to

storm cockpit

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Jamaica had to be restrained after rushing toward the cockpit once the plane had touched down in Miami.

The FBI is investigating the incident after the plane arrived from Montego Bay.

American Airlines spokeswoman Dori Alvarez says a disoriented man stood up from his seat in the main cabin after landing.