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'Long winter ahead' for traders

BUSINESSES-OWNERS in Dublin have slammed the Garth Brooks concerts mess which is due to cost the city millions in lost revenue.

Estimates placed the amount that the five concerts would have been worth to hoteliers, restaurants and pubs at around €50m.

But traders have warned that much more could be lost through knock-on effects.

Well-known hotelier John Glynn, general manager of the Regency, told the Herald: "It's going to be a long winter."

He pointed out that it was not just the late cancellations that were going to hit business, but the other custom that had been turned away.

"Around 90pc of the business that week was for the Garth Brooks concerts. That's all going to be cancelled now. "There were people coming from Europe who would have known nothing about the concert, but their business had to be turned away," he said. Mr Glynn said the knock-on effect would be massive. "This is going to keep cropping up," he said.

Bewleys/Moran Hotel Group are refunding all fans who booked rooms at their five city hotels. It is understood that 1,500 rooms had been booked out.

Meanwhile, the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) has said the fiasco would damage "brand Ireland" as well as the tourism industry in general.