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Long queue to pay tribute

No wait was too long for Dubliners eager to express their grief in Gerry Ryan's book of condolences yesterday.

A steady stream of fans queued outside Mansion House to say their final goodbyes to the iconic broadcaster.

Nearly 2,500 people signed the book, although most admitted to never meeting him or even phoning into his long running 2fm show.

In the queue was comedian Brendan O'Carroll, who said Gerry gave him a "leg up" in the early days of his career.

"I am shocked like everybody else. We are touring at the moment in the UK so we got home just to do this.

"The closest thing I can think is of being told when I was a child that Nelson's Pillar was gone. You just couldn't believe it until you see it."

Truck driver Alan Derwin, from Milltown, said: "He was like a brother or a close friend to me. I was shocked, shocked wasn't the word.

"Later on that evening it did bring a tear to my eye, I have to say, it's very sad." Carol Curley, from Roundwood in Wicklow, said: "I got my first job in 1988 and started listening to Gerry Ryan I have been listening to him ever since."

Sisters Patricia Greville and Carmel Anderson waited for two hours to sign the book and compared his sudden death to that of losing a family member.