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London air chaos may cause more flight delays

The chaos that hit UK airportswas clearing last night, with air traffic control company Nats declaring its systems are back to full operational capacity.

But flight mayhem at some of the UK's busiest thoroughfares could stretch in to the weekend.

Dozens of flights were cancelled and many others delayed after a computer failure at Nats' company headquarters.

"Following a technical fault with the flight data system used by air traffic controllers at Swanwick, Nats can confirm that the system has been restored to full operational capability and a thorough investigation is continuing to identify the root cause," Nats said at about 8pm last night.


"It will take time for flight operations across the UK to fully recover so passengers should contact their airline for the status of their flight."

The company has ruled out a power outage as the source of the glitch at Nats' state-of-the-art €880m centre in Hampshire.

Airports as far north as Aberdeen and Edinburgh were affected by the computer problem. Other airports that reported delays included Manchester, Stansted and Luton.

At Heathrow, a spokesman said there had been 70 cancellations out of about 1,300 scheduled flights.

In a statement on its website British Airways said: "While the system is slowly recovering, we anticipate the knock-on effects to take some time to resolve."