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Locals shocked at killing of man who 'was a joy to be around'


Flowers are laid at the scene

Flowers are laid at the scene

Flowers are laid at the scene

A community is united in shock and revulsion at the brutal death of a father-of-three in a Dublin housing estate.

Friends and relatives arrived to lay flowers yesterday at the scene of the murder of Stephen Lynch in Brookview Close in Tallaght.

The 32-year-old was an inoffensive and popular man, said shocked locals from the Glenshane estate.

A person representing the victim's family told the Herald that his loved ones were too upset to speak about the tragedy.


One of the messages on a floral bouquets stated: "Stephen, You'll be sorely missed." Another declared: "Gone too soon, Bro."

A 62-year-old man came to visit the scene where the bouquets lay. He described Stephen's killers as "animals" and said: "Stephen was a joy to be around. To me, he was like a young comedian. He was always a great bit of fun to meet.

"He would slag you but he could take it too. I just feel so sorry for his family," he added.

An elderly man who lives near the scene of the killing recalled how he said a prayer over the body of the young victim.

"I was shocked to see him lying on the ground with a towel covering part of his head. He was pale and had lost so much blood. I knew he couldn't have survived," said the 69-year-old father-of-one.

"He looked so young. I said a prayer over him then. It was an Act of Contrition.

"I was in my back garden when it happened. I could hear a lot of shouting and roaring and I thought at first it might be a couple arguing.


"But there were a load of voices. It was only when I went to the scene that I saw him lying on the ground," he added.

He said the victim had played soccer for Brookview United in former years.


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