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Locals face traffic chaos for a year as 2km cycle path is built


MOTORISTS using the coast road at Dollymount face a year of tailbacks and congestion as construction on a new 2km cycle path gets underway.

And after the new cycle-way is complete, the narrowed coast road is expected to become a slower route to the city, resulting in more drivers taking to the Howth Road with knock-on effects on traffic volumes there.

While the new cycle-path is being welcomed as a positive prospect for coastal Dublin, it has also raised concerns about everything from parking to traffic flow.

Local Independent councillor Damien O'Farrell has expressed concerns that residents in up to 20 houses along the new cycle-way are scratching their heads over where they will park their cars after it is finished, because their current parking spots will vanish in the new plan.

"There will be some traffic disruption, which can be difficult for people," said Cllr O'Farrell.

"But as well as that there are about 20 houses along that stretch of road where the people currently have on-street parking, which will be lost under the new plan," he added.



"Because they cannot put driveways in their front gardens, they still don't know where they will park their cars. The council has been meeting them over this issue."

Cllr O'Farrell also warned that the new cycle path could have a domino effect on traffic levels currently being experienced by people who live along the more inland-situated Howth Road.

"After the new cycle path is complete – which is a positive, it has to be said – the coast road will be narrower, and therefore slower, but also safer.

"However, what could happen is that drivers may take to the Howth Road in an effort to get into town quicker, and that will affect traffic volumes inland," he told the Herald.