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Local shock and anger at latest murder


‘People are shocked by it’, said Councillor Mark Ward

‘People are shocked by it’, said Councillor Mark Ward

‘People are shocked by it’, said Councillor Mark Ward

The latest callous murder in the capital has caused shockwaves across west Dublin, with local representatives saying the recent violence "brings the area down".

Representative for north Clondalkin Mark Ward said a spate of recent incidents, including a fatal stabbing on Halloween, is causing fear among locals.

"It's not good, it just brings the area down," he said.

"The vast majority of Clondalkin people are good, law-abiding citizens and just go about their normal business," he added.

Mr Ward said the incident couldn't have come at a worse time, with families getting prepared for Christmas.

"People are shocked by it - and don't want another incident on their doorstep."

People Before Profit Alliance TD Gino Kenny said the shooting proved again that the gangland feud had "spiralled" into many areas of the city.

"The tentacles and violence of this feud really are out of control," he said.

"Someone is eventually going to have to say that it has to stop because it's just leaving a trail of misery across Dublin. Even if you had 10,000 more cops on the street I don't think it would stop it.


"If somebody wants to come out and kill someone, then it's just very difficult to stop them."

He added the shooting was "less than a minute's walk" from a garda station.

Forensics arrived on the scene shortly after 7pm, with a tent being placed over a car outside the driveway, where the incident is understood to have taken place. The car in question had a shattered window.

"We believe a lone gunman approached the car and fired a number of shots," Superintendent Dermot Mann of Lucan Garda Station said.

Gardai are appealing for witnesses, particularly people who were in the area prior to the incident and immediately after it.