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Local mob that beat up convicted child rapist in Dublin were 'concerned parents'


Danny Ward

Danny Ward

Danny Ward

A woman who claimed to be involved in a group of local people who beat up a convicted child rapist said she 'wouldn't describe it as a vigilante mob'.

The woman said the people that set upon the convicted paedophile (35) was a 'group of concerned parents'.

Danny Ward who is on the sex offenders register - was set upon in Ringsend, Dublin by a number of men last week.

The paedophile (35) had been staying in a bed and breakfast in the area, but locals only found out about it this week.

Speaking to RTE's Liveline, the woman described how a member of the community recognised Ward in a pub.

"A group of local girls spotted him in the local shop and took a photo and put it on social media," she said.

"We made sure it was him and we 100pc identified him.

"A good few people called the local garda station and they confirmed it was him and he'd been living in the area.

"So, basically, we were trying to get him removed from the area.

"We were just thinking about the safety of our kids," she continued.

"There was about 30 to 50 people and he jumped over the back wall and we chased after him. A couple of people gave him a few smacks.

"The police came then and they took him away... He was over six foot six, he's an absolute monster.

"He had been seen in the local shop with kids' DVDs and with kids' games in his hands, I don't understand how that is not breaking regulations of his parole.

"There is transitional housing for women and kids from abusive relationships just 50 feet away from where he was living."

The convicted criminal was also staying only a short walk away from a local crèche and playgroup.

Now pictures, circulated on social media, show the result of the beating Ward received at the hands of outraged locals. In one image his mouth is bloodied and he is seen on the ground. In another he is leaning against a car, seemingly trying to recover from the attack.

Dressed in jeans and a sports jacket, the notorious offender has shaved off the distinctive beard he was last seen with on the streets of the capital.

A number of angry people can be seen in the background, standing alongside a squad car.

Gardai said that they responded to what they described as a 'public order incident' on the Irishtown Road at around 9pm on Wednesday.

A woman who is involved in the Ringsend-Irishtown community centre said she didn't think the incident would bring a 'bad name' to the area.

"The issue happened really quickly on the day, we were not aware of it until afterwards," she told the RTE radio programme.

"I think if there was a bit of knowledge or if people were made aware of the situation it would be really helpful.

"People have to be placed somewhere but how and where is what people are asking.

"This opens up the debate of information for people - that they know who is in their communities and if there's a more open suetem instead of someone just recognising somebody and it just brings things to a head."

Ward had been drinking in a local pub when he was spotted by a man who recognised him from previous media coverage. Ward was said to be "knocking back pints at the time".

It is understood that the man who spotted him called a few of his associates and Ward left the pub, but by this stage the other individuals arrived at the scene and Ward 'suffered a few thumps'.

Ward was brought to St Vincent's Hospital, where he received treatment for what were described as minor injuries.

Sources told the Herald at the time that he will now be "re-housed" in another location.

Following the melee in Ringsend local parents took to social media to express their outrage that he was living in their area.

One dad of two young children reported that the criminal had been chatting with locals and spending time in a park in the Dublin 4 suburb frequented by families.