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Living with lockdown tough as Lucy worries about return to school


Lucy Kennedy says she will be worried when her children head back to school but is excited to get a bit of peace

Lucy Kennedy says she will be worried when her children head back to school but is excited to get a bit of peace

Lucy Kennedy says she will be worried when her children head back to school but is excited to get a bit of peace

TV presenter Lucy Kennedy has said she's worried about her children going back to school during the pandemic.

Speaking to the Herald, the TV and radio star opened up about her "apprehension" over son Jack (10) and Holly (9) going back to school.

"I'm slightly apprehensive. I trust the school, I trust the system, I trust me as a parent having educated as best as I can," said Lucy.

"I trust them that hopefully they're going to remember. But there is, at the back of my mind, a concern that there will be a lockdown and that schools will close down.

"I'd be lying if I said I was completely celebrating, I am excited to get a bit of peace, as much as I adore them, but then again, when they're gone I will just worry."


She also revealed that one of her all-time favourite celebrities on her show Living with Lucy is Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae.

"I'm doing it 10 years and it's where my heart lies. There's that lovely comfort for me as well because I'm so comfy in that role and I'm so used to it," she said.

"I just loved Michael Healy-Rae, he basically took the absolute mick out of me, that I kept applying my make-up and I had no interest in what he was saying about politics.

"We were the odd couple but it just worked. It was nice to see him with his wife and, like everybody, he's just like us. He's definitely one of my favourites."

She said that she also had a great time filming with the late Brendan Grace, which took place while she was pregnant with her youngest child, Jessica (3).

"I was pregnant and he had arthritis, the two of us just waddled through Killaloe. I have the most amazing memories. The Irish celebs have the same silly sense of humour and a connection," she said.

Filming on the new show Lodging with Lucy began in recent weeks and the Covid-friendly version of Living with Lucy will see her act as 'lady of the house' at a mansion in the Meath countryside as different guests stay.

"We had to continue with it because it is a brand people trust," Lucy said.

"We had all regulations in place and I would spend hours talking to somebody on a couch and forget everything - but I would be jolted back to reality when I look at the cameraman and he's wearing a mask.

"Social distancing is at the back of everyone's mind. We're trying to make a show in these tricky times without a reminder of the tricky times, without shoving it down everyone's throat.

"There's a lot more planning and we have to be very vigilant."


The crew has filmed several episodes of Lodging with Lucy and she teased that one of the celebrities is Paul McGrath.

"You don't need to go to someone's house to get to know them," she said of the show's new set-up.

Lucy added that she is a "huggy person" usually, but there's obviously no hugs in the current situation.

"I do relax, but I am painfully aware of the current situation."

Having worked all through lockdown, Lucy added she was very lucky to continue her Nova radio show from her kitchen table, and she also managed to write her second children's book.

"I've been so proactive, it's a fluke," she said.