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Living next door to Michael D – film shows life of Phoenix Park residents

THESE are two of the residents of the Phoenix Park featured in a new movie about the Dublin city centre retreat.

The documentary, City Wild, will focus on the park and its residents including the 40 families, many active and retired park staff, who currently live within its grounds.

Some who have grown up there, found love, raised families, and would even like to be buried within its walls.

Leticia Agudo of Whackala films, the company behind the documentary, which she founded with her husband Paul McGrath, said that they were curious about the people who had set up residence within the park.

"Both Paul and I love the Phoenix Park and, being nosey filmmakers, we each saw people coming out or going into a couple of the lodges, and then we got curious about who they were and what life in the park was like," she said.

"Brendan Costello, one of our protagonists and one of the main voices behind the film's narrative and stories, found us, instead of us him," Paul told the Herald. "He's a long retired ranger who lives in one of the gate lodges.

The film premieres on Sunday at IFI.