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'Lives at risk' as hooligans force gritters to halt work

ROAD gritters had to suspend services on one of the iciest nights of the year after they came under attack from youths.

Hooligans are putting council workers' 'lives at risk' while working in parts of Dublin.

South Dublin County Council has been forced to withdraw road gritting services because of a gang of youths repeatedly firing missiles at council vehicles in the Clondalkin area.

A number of attacks on both gritting vehicles and Dublin Buses have been reported since late November and gardai in the area have been called in to tackle the situation.


Local Fianna Fail Councillor Trevor Gilligan told the Herald: "I'm very concerned. Council workers are going out to do a job like the rest of us and they're now putting their lives at risk.

"They want to do a simple task, just grit the roads, and by performing that simple task they're putting themselves in serious danger in that area.

"The gritting trucks have been removed for the foreseeable future in the evenings. The safety of motorists driving around the estates and down the Neilstown road is also in jeopardy."

Council gritting vehicles have come under hails of stones when passing through the Neilstown road area at the end of November and again most recently on Saturday, December 1. The ambushes have taken place near the Neilstown Shopping Centre and the Harelawn Estate.

South Dublin County Council has said "efforts will continue to resolve the current difficulty with a view to resuming provision of gritting when next required". They are holding talks with councillors, local gardai and resident associations in the area.

People Before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny says he is "sure they will resume the service when it is really needed, but it could be very, very dangerous to the workers driving those vehicles".

"The problem has raised its ugly head again recently. But, I know there were a few arrests last week according the gardai. These young fellas are in the minority."