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Liver op patient took knives to pub

A DUBLIN man left his home armed with two large kitchen knives when he became concerned because people leaving a nearby pub were throwing bottles, a court heard.

Terence Griffin (41) was seen by gardai throwing one of the knives to the ground and had the other behind his back when he was approached and questioned about what he was doing.

A judge put him on a probation bond when he admitted weapons charges.

Griffin, of St Donagh's Road, Kilbarrack, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of knives at Drumcondra Road on October 2, 2010.

Dublin District Court heard Griffin was outside Quinn's Pub, bottles were being thrown and he came out for fear a bottle might hit his house.

This was not an excuse for his actions, but an explanation, his lawyer said.


"There is no doubt his behaviour was stupid and foolish and dangerous. It was a lapse in judgment."

The court heard Griffin came from a respectable family, his parents were hard working and neither they nor his siblings had ever been before the courts.

Griffin himself had begun a descent into drug abuse from the age of 11 because he had been associating with a "negative peer group".

He had been abusing heroin and was now suffering serious illnesses associated with drugs. He was providing opiate-free urinalysis tests and was awaiting a liver transplant.

He had 13 previous convictions which was "a bad record, but not the worst", his lawyer said.

Judge Patricia McNamara put him on a probation bond.