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Little Shane (7) gets stolen bike back thanks to CCTV


Shane Cunningham

Shane Cunningham

Shane Cunningham

THE parents of a young boy who had his bike stolen used CCTV to track down the thief and recover the bike.

In a shocking video shared widely on social media, the thief waited for the opportunity and then ran into the empty garden and stole the seven-year-old's bike.

No one was home at the time, but the camera picked up the face of the young thief, who was later caught.

Shane Cunningham (7) was left "devastated" by the theftof his bike, worth more than €350.

His mother Yvonne said that with the help of CCTV, she has been able to assist gardai in tracking down the bike.

"We just didn't let it go," Ms Cunningham told the Herald.

She said her son is now "over the moon" to have his bike back and recommended that local residents install CCTV.

The robbery follows a recent string of thefts recorded on CCTV in the Dublin West area.

In a video seen by the Herald, a young man waits for the opportunity before running into the garden and stealing the mountain bike.

Local councillor David McGuinness was inundated with footage sent from residents across his constituency showing what appears to be groups of individuals attempting to steal cars and bikes.

He was asked to share the footage on social media in an attempt to shame local burglars. More CCTV footage emerged from the nearby Latchford Estate, Clonee, showing two thugs attempting to open the doors of a van and two cars.

"These two incidents are within two minutes from each other, it's shocking," councillor McGuinness said.