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Little Lexie turns one after miracle op at 2 hours old


Lexie Lynch from Tallaght, Dublin, pictured with her parents Shane Lynch and Niamh Griffin

Lexie Lynch from Tallaght, Dublin, pictured with her parents Shane Lynch and Niamh Griffin

Lexie Lynch from Tallaght, Dublin, pictured with her parents Shane Lynch and Niamh Griffin

What a year it has been for miracle baby Lexie Lynch who celebrates turning one today.

The bouncing tot, who lives in Tallaght, underwent heart surgery when she was just two hours old, but just look at her now.

Her proud mum Niamh Griffin (25) said she first became aware that there was a problem when she was pregnant and attending Holles Street.

"At our 20-week scan they were going through a general check-up," she said.

"They told us it was a little girl, and because they were going through fingers, toes, everything they do, they realised there was a problem with the heart."

However, the pregnancy was perfect, with no problems, and Lexie weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 7oz.

"When she was born they realised that her oxygen levels were rapidly dropping," said Niamh.

She was taken straight to Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin.

Two hours after Lexie was born, doctors said they were going to have to operate on her to put a balloon into her heart to keep the oxygen circulating.

"So that was step one. She was on oxygen for the first six weeks and feeding tubes and everything," said Niamh.

"When she was a week old she had her first open-heart surgery."

Lexie's main issue was that she had a heart condition, transposition of the great arteries, where the two main arteries going out of the heart are in the wrong position.

She also had two holes in her heart.

"So they gave us a 20pc chance that she was going to make it through her surgery," Niamh said.

But little Lexie made it through.

However, more surgery was to follow. A few days later, Lexie was fitted with a pacemaker.

After being in Crumlin hospital for two months, Niamh and devoted dad Shane Lynch were finally able to take their beautiful daughter home, and she was doing great.

However, when she was five months old she went into cardiac arrest.

"There was a fault to the pacemaker and then they replaced the pacemaker and put in a new one, and since then she is doing really well," said Niamh, who works in a creche.

Lexie still has to take medication until she is stronger and then there will be more surgery.


"Every four years she is going to have to have another surgery just to change the pacemaker battery," said Niamh.

Lexie, who is "very happy and loves music", was given a special award yesterday.

She won Miracle Baby of the Year at the 7th Annual Baby Elegance Maternity and Infant Awards.

Hosted by TV3's Sybil Mulcahy and Martin King, the awards recognise inspirational people and outstanding childcare service providers, as well as commending the best products and services for parents and babies in Ireland.

Catherine Manning from The Coombe was awarded midwife of the year at the event.