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Little lady Eabha (2) beats eye cancer

BRAVE tot Eabha Brennan is on the road to recovery after doctors confirmed that the cancer in her eye has abated.

Eabha (2) was diagnosed with the disease in February last year after she went with her elder brother Andrew (4) for a routine eye check.

Her parents, Cormac and Tricia from Oldtown in Dublin, were devastated when specialists confirmed that a shadow behind her eye was cancerous.


But the little toddler battled the disease with intensive chemotherapy treatment at Crumlin Hospital.

The little girl's aunt, Orla Brennan, said that she was making a full recovery and doctors were hopeful that the cancer had permanently gone.

"Eabha is doing really well these days, a true lady, has a handbag and hairband and sleeps with both every night," Orla said. "She has finished her treatment and the cancer is gone.

"But her tumour is still there so they will monitor it now to make sure it doesn't come back, fingers crossed."

Doctors successfully reduced the size of the original tumour with laser therapy and chemotherapy.

The toddler, who was described as a "real girly girl" by her aunt didn't lose her hair through the process, but began to lose her balance.

However, the team at the hospital were an immense support to the family and taught them how to care for Eabha during and after chemotherapy.

Orla said that Eabha's family was settling back into normal life after the terrible shock and what she described as a "rollercoaster of a year" for the Brennans.

"Cormac and Tricia are great and getting back on their feet again and in awe of St John's Ward in Crumlin Children's Hospital where Eabha was treated," she said.

And she said that Eabha's brother Andrew, who started school in September, also had his tonsils taken out but he has been so brave throughout the entire ordeal.

"Her big brother Andrew is doing really well in school and is very protective of his little sister," she said.


Her caring aunt Orla drummed up €6,500 in a fundraiser in support of the ward in Crumlin Hospital,

Orla, who operates Real8 Public Relations, paid tribute to the public who rowed in behind the fundraising event for the hospital.

"People are so caring out there, it's so nice to still see the interest and concern," she said.

"The family are so appreciative and want to thank everyone for their support."