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Lisa sets herself tough goal for power challenge – lift Cian Healy

TV host Lisa Cannon is a woman on a mission.

The Xpose presenter is determined to maintain her womanly figure throughout her journey to become a super-strength powerlifter.

And to keep her on the right track, Lisa has a firm goal in mind, to lift the body weight of Irish rugby star Cian Healy.

However, with the Leinster prop's weight listed at more than 17 stone, the 35-year-old has a big challenge on her hands.

The Dublin presenter is currently filming an hour-long documentary special for TV3 and the broadcaster will be charting her progress as she downs the protein shakes.

Lisa is embarking on a severe diet and fitness regime with the ultimate goal of competing in the Powerlifting Championships on April 5.

The fashion host, who is currently a size 12, said she intends to keep her killer curves while simultaneously having enough strength to hoist some of our top sporting stars off the ground.

Lisa, who has been in training for two weeks, said she has a long way to go before she will be ready.

"This is going to be really tough and pretty much me squatting with the weight of Cian Healy on my back," she said. "I am quite strong as a person but I also found that it would be a great challenge in terms of mental and physical health.

"I can't hide behind anything; there is no make-up, no lashes and no fake tan. This is serious."


Lisa's challenge will see her overhaul her eating and exercise regime and she will bin alcohol, chocolate and dairy products until April. She's been eating healthy alternatives such as chicken and brown rice.

Lisa is receiving plenty of support from her Xpose co-stars and her fiance, Welsh rugby player Richard Keatley.