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Lily Allen goes into the west after 'collapse' at festival


Lily Allen poses with Catherine Moran at Morans on the Weir

Lily Allen poses with Catherine Moran at Morans on the Weir

Lily Allen

Lily Allen


Lily Allen poses with Catherine Moran at Morans on the Weir

She's been courting controversy over the past few days but pop singer Lily Allen is currently enjoying herself on a road trip in the west of Ireland.

The 30-year-old hit the headlines over the weekend when it emerged she had collapsed at the Glastonbury music festival last month.

According to reports the singer was partying with her husband Sam Cooper and friends when she collapsed on the Saturday night of the festival.

Onlookers said she was treated by paramedics for 45 minutes before leaving the festival with Sam.

Paramedics wrapped her in a foil blanket and gave her oxygen before she hurriedly left once they said she didn't need any further treatment in hospital.

A spokesperson for the star has since said Lily "is totally fine and had a great time at Glastonbury".

However, she went on to have more drama at Wireless festival this weekend when it was reported that she was refused entry to the VIP area where celebs like Alesha Dixon and Brooklyn Beckham were partying.

Eyewitnesses said that when a bouncer refused her entry she left as she "didn't want to make an unnecessary scene".

But the mum-of-two has left all the drama behind as she enjoys a relaxing trip to Galway.


Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Lily Allen


She stopped in to popular quayside restaurant, Moran's Oyster Cottage where she enjoyed some seafood and posed for pictures with the staff.

Sharing the snap with the star online, the restaurant captioned the snap, "Was so lovely to meet Lily Allen today. Enjoy the rest of your trip around Ireland".

Lily has also been sharing videos of the stunning countryside as well as snaps of the Galway sunset.

The Smile singer isn't new to Ireland as she went to primary school in Kildare.

"It was the primary school in Leixlip so yeah you can find out. I'm sure it doesn't even exist anymore. It was tiny, it was in the forest," she said.

Lily, who performed at Electric Picnic last year, has had an eventful summer as there was a gas explosion in her caravan last month.

She took to Instagram to warn her fans about the dangers of gas stoves.

"I was in a gas explosion in my caravan today and I have minor burns and singed my eyelashes considerably," she wrote online.

"It was absolutely terrifying and I wouldn't want anyone to go through anything similar.

"Please be so careful using gas stoves at anytime but especially during festival season when ones reaction times may be a little off.

"Feeling very grateful to be alive. Happy camping," she added.


Meanwhile, back in December, Lily who has daughters Ethel (3) and Marnie (2) revealed she had given up drinking for a month in an effort to "grow up".

Sources told Grazia magazine that the singer "wasn't enjoying herself anymore so she decided to stop drinking" as she wanted to focus on her new album.

"She seems a lot happier. She's working out a lot. She looks really good and is a lot healthier," the source added.

She has also recently been signed to IMG Models for "worldwide representation" and after supporting Miley Cyrus last year, she hopes to further her career in the US.

She is reportedly searching for a house in Los Angeles as she wants to work with producers there for her new album and wants her family to split their time between America and their home in the Cotswolds.