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Life could be a beach ... hunt is on for new city lifeguards

HOW do you fancy sitting on a Dublin beach all summer for €12 an hour?

It may not quite be Baywatch, but Dublin City Council is recruiting lifeguards for Dollymount Beach and for its leisure centres and swimming pools.

It is setting up a panel of "suitably qualified persons" to fill lifeguard vacancies for the summer.

The positions are temporary, but the successful candidates will be employed on a fixed-term contract basis for this year's summer season.



Dollymount Strand and the lifeguard service come under the control of the Parks and Landscape Services Division, of the culture, Recreation and Amenity Department, it said.

Dollymount is "one of the most popular beaches in Ireland", the City Council says.

The lifeguard's role is to provide "a valuable service in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the beach" by all visitors during the summer months.

Each candidate must hold a valid Beach Lifeguard Award of Irish Water Safety or equivalent. The candidates must also successfully undergo a lifeguard skills, lifesaving and resuscitation test, which will be held in Sean McDermott Street swimming pool on April 19, at 5pm.

Candidates must be not less than 17 and any candidate who reaches 65 before appointment will cease to be eligible.

The pay is €465.28 per week for a 39-hour week or €11.93 per hour.

The lifeguard's duties include patrolling a section of beach, going immediately to help people in difficulty, warning people swimming of possible sources of danger and collecting and disposing of broken glass and litter from the foreshore.

Hours are from 10.30am to 7.30pm and cover the whole week and public holidays.

"As a condition of employment, the holder of the post will be required at all times when on duty, to wear such uniform and/or items of protective clothing as are specified from time to time by Dublin City Council," it said.