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Lidl's cash offer to build road crossing 'falls far too short'


Noeleen Reilly

Noeleen Reilly

SF Cllr. Noleen Reilly pictured at The Lidl store at Santry.

SF Cllr. Noleen Reilly pictured at The Lidl store at Santry.


Noeleen Reilly

THERE has been a delay in supermarket Lidl building a pedestrian crossing in Santry with an offer by the German giant to pay for the work falling "way below the amount needed".

Construction of the crossing at Magenta Crescent - to be paid for by Lidl - was a condition of planning permission being granted for the shop on the Swords Road.

However, the crossing has not been built despite Lidl opening the store in December 2014.

Local councillor Noeleen Reilly has highlighted the issue, raising it with Dublin City Council (DCC) chiefs.

"It's an extremely busy road and very difficult to get across. I can understand the residents' frustration," she told the Herald.

"Residents have been waiting too long for this. They (DCC) need to step up and ensure there are no further delays.

"I have contacted planning enforcement in Dublin City Council, Bord Pleanala as well as Lidl themselves to force the issue," the Sinn Fein councillor added.

Cllr Reilly was told by a council official that DCC was in negotiations with Lidl over the pedestrian crossing.

"Their planning permission stated they had to pay for a pedestrian crossing to be installed.

"However, it looks like we will have to contact An Bord Pleanala in relation to Lidl's compliance with their planning application, as the amount of money Lidl is prepared to pay falls way below the amount needed to build the pedestrian crossing," a senior engineer wrote on August 21.


The condition on the planning permission granted stated that "the developer (Lidl) shall pay to the planning authority a financial contribution... in respect of the provision of a pedestrian crossing in Santry Village across the Swords Road".

The reason for the condition was explained in the planning file. "It is considered reasonable that the developer should contribute towards the specific exceptional costs which are incurred by the planning authority which are not covered in the Development Contribution Scheme and which will benefit the proposed development," planners stated.

A spokeswoman for Lidl last night told the Herald that the chain remains in talks with the local authority.

"We are committed to contributing towards the pedestrian crossing at Magenta Crescent," she said.

A Dublin City Council spokeswoman said that the design of the pedestrian crossing has been completed.

"Tender documents to appoint a contractor have been prepared and are ready to be issue once a payment stream is agreed.