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Lidl bargain sets Irish stores meaty challenge

Consumer bosses have welcomed Lidl's new roast dinner selection at a bargain price as "challenge" for Irish supermarkets.

The German superstore recently lowered the price of their roast dinner collection offering Irish customers the option of choosing a range of meats -- all for €1.99.

Dermot Jewell, CEO of the Consumer Association of Ireland said the discount retailer was posing a challenge for Irish retailers to match their prices.

"A lot of Irish consumers want to buy Irish, but at this price, they will have to overlook its origin -- if it's of high quality and at this price," Mr Jewell told the Herald.

"I bet there will be queues around the block. People can't be blamed for wanting to avail of a simple offer like this.

"I think this poses a nice challenge for more established supermarkets to match their prices."

Although he welcomed the low price of the dinners, which are imported from the UK, Mr Jewell said it was important to shop around to stay price conscious.

"Lidl has a number of good bargains but consumers need to remember that just one offer doesn't mean that they should put all their eggs in one basket."

Lidl Ireland spokesperson Aoife Clarke said: "The Newgate range includes beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork. Since all meals include vegetables, they also count towards your five-a-day."