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Licence given to Irish TV

Ireland's first international channel, Irish TV, has had its licence application approved by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).

Irish TV is a new local and international channel targeting the global Irish diaspora which commenced broadcasting on May 1, 2014 under a licence issued by the UK regulator Ofcom.

On completion of contract negotiations and the signing of a contract with the BAI, Irish TV will relinquish the UK licence on which it is currently operating and operate under a Section 71 content contract, granted in this jurisdiction.

Neanderthals next door

Neanderthals and the ancestors of people living today were European neighbours for up to 5,400 years, new research suggests.

The same study indicates that Neanderthals disappeared gradually at different times in different locations, rather than undergoing rapid extinction.

Scientists used new dating evidence for 200 bone, charcoal and shell samples from 40 key European sites to show that the two human groups overlapped for a significant period of time.

Richard set to chart again

Cliff Richard looks set to return to the British charts just over a week after finding himself at the centre of a police sex abuse investigation.

Fans of the veteran pop star have been showing their support by buying copies of his 1992 Number 7 hit I Still Believe in You and it is less than 500 copies off the Top 40.

Midweek sales figures released by the Official Charts Company put the track at number 43 today.

Man dies after being impaled

A man who became impaled on a spike while gardening has died.

Peter Davies fell 20ft onto a silver decorative spike while chopping branches off a fir tree at his home in south Wales.

A neighbour discovered the 67-year-old widower badly injured and tried to save his life before an air ambulance arrived.

A police spokesman said: "The death is not being treated as suspicious."