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Letter bomb hurts taxman

A LETTER bomb exploded at an office of Italy's tax collection agency, slightly wounding its director.

Police are probing possible links to an Italian anarchist group that claimed credit for a similar, thwarted attack against the chief executive of Deutsche Bank and warned of two other bombs.

A Rome police official said the bomb was in a yellow bubble envelope mailed for the director's attention.

The director, Marco Cuccagna, suffered a light hand injury. Premier Mario Monti, who is pushing a package of tax hikes and spending cuts to help Italy deal with a financial crisis, issued a statement expressing solidarity with Mr Cuccagna.

Civil servants chased for ¤1bn

BRAZIL'S Attorney General's office says it has filed 2,343 civil suits to try to recover $1.2bn (¤0.9bn) in public funds from politicians, public servants and private companies.

The agency said 664 suits involve current and former mayors and 429 are against current and former public servants. The remainder are against private companies.

The agency has been improving its success record. Four years ago, it recovered 1pc of money stolen. In 2011 it was 15pc. It hopes to reach 25pc by 2016.

YouTube buys music 'spotter'

YouTube has acquired RightsFlow, a New York-based company that will help it identify the owners of music that people use in videos they post.

The deal should help YouTube, which is a unit of Google Inc., manage the complex relationship it has with content owners, who are rarely consulted when their work is put up on the internet for free.

British soldier shot by Taliban

A BRITISH soldier was executed by the Taliban in Afghanistan after leaving his checkpoint to search for some missing kit.

After being captured, Highlander Scott McLaren (20) was tortured and shot five times in the head.

The soldier's semi-naked corpse was found several hours later by British forces in a nearby river, an inquest in Wiltshire heard.