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Less than 1-in-3 more productive after leave

less than one-in-three people believe they are more productive at work when they return from holidays, research indicates.

In response to a survey of 1,253 employees, only 30pc said their productivity levels went up after coming back from annual leave.

Part of the reason is that a significant proportion don't leave the office behind.

Some 37pc said they had to carry out work-related tasks while away, with 4pc saying they did so every day.

More than a third (35pc) said spending more time with loved ones was the most important part of annual leave, the survey by global technology firm Ricoh showed.

Being able to relax (33pc) and seeing new places (26pc) were also valued. Only 2pc admitted that getting away from their boss was the best thing about their holidays.


Almost half (46pc) said they receive enough holidays from their employers and don't need any more.

On average, people take with them between two and three electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, eReaders and MP3 players.

Some 38pc said their employer provides them with flexible work practices, such as the ability to work from home.

Of those without that flexibility, almost two-thirds (64pc) would like to be given the opportunity to do so.