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Leinster-mad childhood pals jet in from Chicago and Sweden for reunion at final

Three Leinster fans have travelled thousands of miles to be reunited for today's Heineken Cup Final.

Liam Walsh flew from Chicago yesterday morning and met his father Oliver and his childhood friend Colm McAdam at Heathrow Airport.

"It's a long way to go, but it's worth it," said Liam.

"It's a great weekend and I've always been a big Leinster fan."

The three, originally from Tallaght, are hardcore fans of the boys in blue and travelled to see them play in Cardiff last year. "That was the last time we'd seen each other," Oliver, who now lives in Offaly, told the Herald.

Colm, who now works in Sweden, also travelled for the final. "It's great that's a thing that we get to do every year now," he told the Herald, Oliver said he was delighted that he was meeting his son again at an All Ireland Heineken Cup Final.

"We've always been big rugby fans, all of us. A big Leinster family," he said.

Meanwhile, an English couple are proving that you don't have to be from Leinster to support the boys in blue. Andrew and Janet Crozier, both 65, from Wiltshire are hardcore Leinster fans who will be at Twickenham today to cheer them on.


"We started watching them when the matches were being shown on Setanta and we were massive fans ever since," Andrew explained.

"We go to as many matches as we can and try to

visit Dublin once a month," he said. The couple have come to the final accompanied by their bear, the well-travelled Oggie OgBurn who comes with his own passport.

"We even managed to get a picture of him in the Heineken Cup once," said Andrew.

But there was another reason for the couple's attraction to the Leinster team, particularly for Janet.

"Oh I love Brian O'Driscoll, he's just the best," she said.