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Legendary 36-stone Hogzilla is hunted down

HOGZILLA, the biggest wild boar in America, has been hunted down and killed.

Many thought he was pure fiction, but hunter Jett Webb lured the giant, 36-stone hog to his violent end with sweet-tasting corn.

Members of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club had been trying to capture Hogzilla for years.

Webb tracked the wild boar for more than a month around the woods of eastern North Carolina before shooting it dead with his powerful AR-10 rifle

"It was very surreal," said Webb. "It was very humbling to say the least, when you walk up on a beast that big and you say, 'Oh my gosh'."

"I had no idea there could be something that big running around the woods."

Sweet corn and a night-hunting light proved too much of a temptation for the greedy pig, and ultimately led to its demise.

"We have pictures of him going back to 2011," said Michael Mansell, president of the hunting club.

Mansell described how the hunters have to stay scent-free and make sure to remain upwind of their prey

Webb tracked down the hog in the Indian Woods area of Bertie County, and shot him from less than 100 yards.

Hogzilla was so big "the scales couldn't handle him. His head and shoulders were still on the floor when we tried to weigh him."

He now plans to make enough sausages with the meat to be able to feed his family for the rest of the year.