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Legal threat on Facebook in vote spat

DUBLIN local election candidate Noel Rock has threatened legal action against a fellow ward candidate, Sean Tyrrell, after he recently made claims regarding his income.

Mr Rock – an FG candidate in the new Ballymun ward – has advised independent candidate Sean Tyrrell, in a message online, that he may take legal action against him.


The Fine Gael representative sent Mr Tyrrell the message on Facebook on January 1, the same day that Mr Tyrrell had issued a press release accusing a number of fellow candidates of "disingenuous gimmicks".

In the statement, Mr Tyrrell said that it was the height of "phony politics" for some candidates to claim that they were making sacrifices.

"Noel Rock is currently working at taxpayers' expense as a well-paid parliamentary assistant in Leinster House," Mr Tyrrell claimed.

Mr Rock confirmed to the Herald that he sent Mr Tyrrell a message on the social media site saying: "I would advise a withdrawal before a solicitor's letter is issued."

"I am not a parliamentary assistant – that's not my pay grade, that's not my rank. I am a secretarial assistant to Senator Catherine Noone – the Seanad doesn't have parliamentary assistants," said Mr Rock.

"He has made a claim that I am well-paid, I am not even full-time. I am paid €22,000 per year. It's an outrageous slur to make when I am on effectively minimum wage," he said.

Mr Tyrrell last night said that he continues to stand by the remarks he made in the statement.