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'Leaving rubbish in streets to shame dumpers won't work'

Council plans to leave illegally dumped refuse on the streets in the hope that it will embarrass illegal dumpers have been rubbished by city locals.

Bin bags being discarded on public streets is a problem that is on the increase.

But residents say the council are wrong if they think that leaving it there will shame people into quitting.

The council wants to end their daily clean-up operations in areas where dumping of domestic waste has become a major problem.

It says the problem is particularly bad in the zone from Gardiner Street to Croke Park and also on the North Circular Road, Fitzgibbon Street, Summerhill and Ballybough.

Yesterday the Herald revealed the council's plan to cease its daily clean-up in these areas and to remove the rubbish on a weekly basis.

But residents of Fitzroy Avenue, in the shadow of Croke Park, told how rubbish is being dumped at night, and that the council is wrong if it thinks it can shame people into stopping.

"People won't stop. They don't seem to care at all, they have no shame," said Louise Oates (PIC), who sees rubbish dumped across the road from her home on a regular basis.

"They won't stop just because it's not being collected, and now if the council doesn't collect it regularly, who will?" she asked.


"The rubbish bags will be got at by the dogs and cats and the next thing we'll have is rats, flies and smells," Louise, who has been living on the street for more than 20 years, complained.

Some residents also told how they have had bin tags stolen.

"It's a big problem around here. Sometimes I wonder why I buy a bin tag at all," said Jackie Kearns.

Michael Dunne has been living on Fitzroy Avenue for 54 years, and he said he can look out at night and the street in front of him would be clear, but by the morning the rubbish bags have appeared.

"It's an awful problem. And do the council think that if they leave it there for the dogs to attack that these people will stop? I don't know about that," he said. "The avenue is a disgrace," he added.

His view was echoed by Sean Farrell, from nearby Elizabeth Street. "There are people living around here who end up picking up the rubbish that other people leave around. It's not right," he said.

Dublin City Council official Brendan Hayden said they would select a number of streets in the north inner city and would not collect bags without tags for a week at a time.