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Leaving Cert is still a nightmare for me

I had my yearly nightmare this week. This is how it goes -- I'm sitting doing my English Leaving Cert examination, and I am wearing nothing but my underwear and those cheap towelling socks we used to wear. The ones that made your feet sweat buckets.

The Leaving Cert results were out yesterday and as I was driving to work, I saw these petrified young faces every now again, obviously on the way to pick up their results.

Exam results aren't the be all and end all. But how come those of us who didn't do well are scarred for life? I heard Charlie Bird talking to Dave Fanning on the radio about how he failed his Leaving Cert. (Ahem, that explains a lot). He was trying to get the message across that just because you did badly doesn't mean you cannot do well in life.

He's right. You will go down a different path. And if you want, you will find a job that makes you very happy.

But if you did badly, there is one thing that will never leave you. You will have a dream every year, where you are in that exam hall, and you are dressed weirdly.

No, it's not the be all and end all, but it's a bloody pain in the neck wearing those towelling socks every year.