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Leaving Cert Exam Diary: I'm just going to take it one day at a time and not stress out


William Murphy

William Murphy

William Murphy

I'm hoping to study engineering in September and my subjects reflect that.

On top of my three core subjects I'm also studying construction studies, art, chemistry, physics, and Italian.

I'm least worried about physics and chemistry but English could be tricky - there is a lot of writing.

Irish and maths are my only ordinary-level subjects - I opted out of higher-level maths because it was too much work.

My plan is to take it one day at a time. I was a little bit stressed before my mocks and I didn't do as well as I had hoped.

I have already submitted my project for construction studies. We had to build a model house based on a real home. I picked one from Channel Four's Grand Designs. Trust me not to take the easy option, the house had a curved roof- but it came out really well.

On my CAO I have Trinity College, DCU and DIT. I don't mind where I go because they are all good courses. The plan is to own my own company one day.

William Murphy is 19 from Blackhorse Avenue in Cabra. He is a student in St Paul's CBS.