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Leaving Cert Diary: I seemed to know most of what came up in maths


William Murphy

William Murphy

William Murphy

I wasn't too nervous before Maths Paper Two and once I started it I was happy - I knew most of what came up. I had spent time going through papers from previous years so there were no surprises.

Pythagoras came up as the theorem and there was a section on non-right-angled triangles. It wasn't too tricky and I had loads of time to spare.

Irish Paper One was in the afternoon and it was okay, I was confident enough going in.

The listening test was easier than I expected. All the ones we had done in school were tricky; the people from the different regions with different accents have been hard. But I was able to understand most of it this time.

There were also two essays to pick from four, so I chose the conversation dialogue between two people, and the essay about the things that make me happy. I wrote a page on each, the minimum is half a page but I had a good bit to talk about.

Over the weekend, I mostly relaxed. I revised verbs in Irish and for Maths I just looked over past papers.

Now I'm going to go through the stories and poems we've done for Irish Paper Two. We've studied five poems and one will come up. Two stories come up out of four that we've studied and we answer questions on one. I prefer Paper One because there's less writing involved.

After Irish Paper Two today I'm off until Art History on Thursday.

William Murphy (19), is a Leaving Cert student in St Paul's CBS, Cabra