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'Leaving €10m home was hardest'- Shane

FORMER Westlife star Shane Filan has revealed that shutting the door on his €10m Sligo home for the last time was "the hardest day of my life".

Filan built his 'dream' home complete with bar and gym in 2004.

But Filan's property company went under and he declared bankruptcy in the UK.

The house was recently sold for just €800,000.

Speaking at the launch of his autobiography 'My Side of Life', Filan said: "It was tough to hear we had to lose the house. But it was a lot tougher on the day we left it - that was the worst day of our lives.


"I absolutely broke down. I closed the door behind me and walked out, closed the gate, went to Knock airport and flew back to London. It wasn't a nice time at all."

However, Filan added that he was able to draw inspiration from the unfortunate situation.

"I wrote 'Everything to Me' two days later. It ended up being my first single, so things happen, and you've kind of got to deal with them as best you can."