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Lawyer questions Savile police report

A LAWYER for victims of Jimmy Savile has said that a report which concluded there is no evidence he was protected by police officers "doesn't add up".

The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) report, published today, examined the history of the DJ and TV presenter's relationship with the force, including how officers attended his well-known Friday Morning Club at his Leeds flat.

But the report concluded: "There is no evidence that he was protected from arrest or prosecution for any offences as a result of his relationship with WYP, or individual friendships with officers."



But Alan Collins, who represents 40 victims of the disgraced broadcaster, said: "Savile was able to run rings around the police for decades. He used police officers."

Mr Collins said: "He was ingrained with them, dovetailed with them. The report begs a lot more questions.

"It provides some answers but the report reveals memories that are not as sharp as perhaps they ought to be, 'can't remember', documents that can't seem to be located.

"It doesn't add up."

The report said 68 of Savile's victims have now come forward in the force area. None came forward in his lifetime.

The youngest of these was five years old at the time and eight others were aged nine or under.

The report said: "No evidence has been found to conclude that there was any impropriety or misconduct in relation to the Friday Morning Club."

The report also examined the way in which WYP used Savile's celebrity status to front a range of campaigns and appeals.