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Law for burial with no coffin

VICTORIAN burial laws are set to be revoked – allowing for burial without coffins.

Under new regulations approved by Environment Minister Phil Hogan, bodies can be buried without coffins from next month.

Burial regulations introduced in 1888 deemed it illegal for a body to be buried without a coffin.

However, a change to the law will mean that from June 1, cemeteries will accept "uncoffined bodies" for burial.

The latest rules have been introduced to facilitate members of the Muslim faith who traditionally bury their loved ones without coffins.

46,000 fall in Spain jobless

The number of unemployed in Spain fell by 46,050 in April – with more people finding jobs in the run-up to the summer tourist season.

The total number registered as jobless now stands at 4.99m.

Spain has been in recession for the best part of four years as the economy battles to recover from the collapse of its once-booming housing sector.

Spain's unemployment rate was a record 27.2pc in the first quarter.

Vogue signs up for adventure

Adventure racing is really in 'vogue' at the moment.

And now for the first time ever, the team at Gaelforce Events is pushing the boundaries when it comes to adventure racing, by launching the first and only Women's Adventure Race in Ireland, with its partners, Breast Cancer Ireland.

Model Vogue Williams is among the big names already signed up for the July 27 event.

The challenge is 23km and will involve a 7km run/walk, 15km cycle and a 0.5km kayak through the most scenery of Leenane and Killary Fjord.

Man wounded cleaning gun

A 24-year-old Colorado man accidentally shot himself while cleaning his handgun.

Police say the man was sitting in his vehicle when he spilled soda on the gun. He wiped it clean, and the weapon accidentally discharged as he was replacing the magazine.

He was taken to hospital with injuries to his left hand, left thigh and left calf.