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Lauren court pub's facing 'last orders'

A MODEST Tipperary pub has been inundated by phone calls from foreign media after it became the setting to the country's most high-profile court case this year.

The Brian Boru pub, owned by Michael O'Donovan, was thrust into the spotlight after a court hearing into the Jennifer Lauren air rage incident took place in the function room.

But it looks like the Courts Service may be about to call 'last orders' on court sittings in the premises. A spokesman said that the review is unconnected to the publicity that surrounded the pub staging the court where Ms Lauren appeared.

Over the past two days, Mr O'Donovan has received a huge amount of interest from foreign media about the premises.

"It's been mostly American journalists calling," he told the Herald. "They wanted to know about the pub itself. If it was a Shebeen or a hay barn.


"When we told one reporter it was a homely bar setting, they told us in America homely means ugly so we had to stop using that."

The businessman said he had never anticipated such a level of interest in the court case.

"We hope going forward it will lead to an increase in sales. We'd hope some American tourists might seek us out."

Killaloe District Court has sat at the pub for the past two years. However, Mr O'Donovan fears the media attention may effect the ongoing review.

"Any agreement like this is vital to a small pub... it makes a huge difference so we're hoping it will continue on," he said.

Jennifer Lauren (41), niece of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren was fined €2,000 after pleading guilty to two charges of being intoxicated on board the Delta flight from Barcelona to New York and breaching the peace, forcing the flight to be diverted to Shannon Airport.

Ms Lauren returned to New York on Thursday, after spending three nights in Shannon – one of them in a garda cell.