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Lauren awaiting her sentence for air rage incident

A NIECE of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren was today fined €2,000 for a foul-mouthed drunken tirade on a plane.

Jennifer Lauren (41) abused three airline staff, including two air hostesses whom she each labelled a 'f***ing ugly blonde b***h'.

Ms Lauren, of East 65th Street in New York, pleaded guilty to two charges during the air-rage incident on a flight from Barcelona to New York.

The court today heard that the incident began after her seat was unable to recline.

The total cost of the disruption came to €30,208, including €12,676 for fellow passengers after the Delta Airlines plane was forced to divert to Shannon airport.

The incident began after Ms Lauren's seat on the transatlantic flight between Barcelona and New York on Monday was unable to recline.

When air hostess Constance Topping interacted with the defendant, she was told to "get the f**k out of her face", Inspector Tom Kennedy told Ennis District Court today.

Ms Lauren then left her seat and followed Ms Topping at speed up the aisle.

There she pushed the air hostess against the wall calling her a "f*****g ugly blonde b***h."

A second air hostess Jennifer Simpson was also abused with Ms Lauren calling her "a fat f*****g ugly, unhappy blonde b***h."

A second pilot who was resting in the body of the aircraft also approached Ms Lauren but was told "You're an asshole".

The court was told that Ms Lauren did not recall much of the incident.



Judge Patrick Durcan heard that the American was upset over the Christmas period thinking about her mum whom she lost to cancer.

The court heard that Ms Lauren was "extremely embarrassed and extremely upset" over the incident.

She defendant had taken three drinks but was also on medication which exacerbated the problem.

Ms Lauren was separated from a travelling companion on the flight and found that the alcohol, medication and altitude all affected her.

Defence solicitor Sharon Curley said while much had been made of her client's family name, Ms Lauren is a 41-year-old single woman who had recently set up her own business which she was the sole employee of.

The solicitor added that Ms Lauren is well aware that she may face issues of compensation for the flight being diverted to Shannon in another forum.

Judge Durcan fined her €2,000. The maximum sentence on each of the two charges was a €3,000 fine or four months in prison. She left the court without making any comment.

Earlier in the day, Ms Lauren sat at the back of the packed court with a female companion waiting for her case to be called. A male companion sat in the public gallery.

The three arrived at Ennis District Court at 10am this morning, entering the building by the back door.

The 41-year-old jewellery designer was arrested on Monday afternoon for being drunk and disorderly on board a Delta Airlines flight DL477 after crew feared she could be a danger to herself or another person.

The flight which had 209 passengers and crew on board was diverted to Shannon airport as a result of Ms Lauren's behaviour.



At a sitting of Killaloe District Court on Tuesday, Sharon Curely, defence solicitor for the jewellery designer indicated that her client would enter a guilty plea to all charges.

However, Judge Durcan refused to deal with the plea until today after requesting that details of the cost of the incident be furnished to him.

He requested information of the nature and extent to which passengers on board the flight were discommoded.

At the previous sitting, the court had heard from Gda Evette Walsh of Shannon garda station who arrested Ms Lauren at Shannon Airport.

She gave evidence of arresting the accused at the airport at 2.05pm on Monday at which time Ms Lauren replied; "Can you say that in English please."