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Late nights loom for delighted Claire

Broadcaster Claire Byrne is looking forward to fronting her new current affairs show Claire Byrne Live when she returns from maternity leave in January.

The presenter, who welcomed her daughter Jane into the world eight weeks ago, will front the late-night debate show which replaces Monday night's Prime Time.

"Of course, it's big pressure but I'm really looking forward to it. The challenge for us is to come up with something that people will want to stay up for," she told the Herald.

"It's very exciting for me and it's great to come back from maternity leave and have something to look forward to," she said.

Mum-of-two Byrne added that juggling 13-month-old son Patrick and eight-week-old Jane is proving a little hectic.

"There are some days you're tearing your hair out, but they're healthy and happy, so all is good."