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last-minute trip to the eternal city

My son Dara has always wanted to go to Rome, so this week we decided to book a last-minute trip.

We're flying out on Sunday, which is the third anniversary of my husband Richard's death.

I thought we could sit here being maudlin or be kind to ourselves and go on a nice trip abroad together.

I haven't been to Rome in years and Dara's in transition year so it's the perfect time to go.

He loves ruins and history, so we're really excited to head off.

It's so unlike me to book something so spontaneously as normally I'm a meticulous planner.

This week is super busy with work and the launch of my new book and so I'm looking up hotels and places to visit in any spare few minutes I have.

It will be a busy few days until we head off.

I've got the U Magazine High Street Style Awards at Lillies Bordello tonight which will be great fun.

And I'm also meeting my good friends Gay and Kathleen Byrne for some supper which will be lovely.

Then on Saturday night, there is a ball for the Walk in my Shoes campaign, and then we're away the following day.