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Larry Murphy's family tell rapist: 'Don't come home'


Rapist Larry Murphy

Rapist Larry Murphy

Rapist Larry Murphy

The family of convicted rapist Larry Murphy want nothing to do with his plans to return to Ireland.

The so-called Beast of Baltinglass has told gardai he is sick of living abroad and wants to return home.

A source close to his brother Thomas said the family made it clear he cannot stay with them.

The dangerous criminal grew up near the village of Baltinglass in Co Wicklow.

A family source told a newspaper: “If Larry wants to return to Ireland, there is nothing his family can do about it – but they have made their feelings clear that he won’t be going to live with them.

“They have had nothing to do with Larry and don’t want anything to do with him now.”

The rapist has been driven out of three separate addresses in the UK but is keen to return to live here.  However, sources said that it is unlikely Murphy (50) will be home in Ireland before


Murphy said that he is willing to co-operate with the Garda Sex Offenders Management and Intelligence Unit (SOMIU) and has contacted them to arrange his return.

“Murphy has said he is sick of living abroad,” a source told the Herald.

“He said that he would like to come home and contacted gardai to discuss the situation.

“It’s unlikely that it will

happen any time soon but ultimately Murphy is a free man and may travel whenever he pleases.”

Under Irish law, the convicted rapist – who has been named as a suspect in the disappearance of a number of women – does not have to inform gardai of his movements.

It’s understood that Murphy has told gardai that he wants to be reintegrated into Irish society without causing mass hysteria.

If SOMIU agrees to assist Murphy, he will have to keep them informed at all times of his whereabouts. Since his release, Murphy has lived in Amsterdam, Barcelona and London.

Murphy was released from Arbour Hill prison in 2010 after serving 10 years of a 15-year jail sentence for a brutal sex attack of a woman in the Wicklow mountains.