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'Lapse of attention' saw doctor knock cyclist off her bike


Dr Richard Quigley waited at the scene of the accident

Dr Richard Quigley waited at the scene of the accident

Dr Richard Quigley waited at the scene of the accident

A doctor made an "error of judgment" when he drove into a cyclist, who was knocked off her bike and suffered several fractures, a court has heard.

Richard Quigley's lawyer asked a judge to leave him without a criminal record over the accident, which was caused by a "momentary lapse of attention".

Judge Colin Daly said he would consider the case and deferred a decision to next week.

Dr Quigley (61), of Belgrove Lawn, Chapelizod, admitted driving without due care and attention at Bow Lane West, Kilmainham.

Garda Derek Tubridy told Dublin District Court Dr Quigley was driving at 6.25pm and turned left, causing a cyclist to be knocked off her bike.

There was no evidence of erratic driving, speed, alcohol or any other aggravating factors.

It was "simply a case of a momentary lapse of attention while making a left turn", the lawyer said.

It had been a "mere error of judgment".


Dr Quigley waited at the scene for gardai and went voluntarily to the garda station. He was a medical physician with no previous convictions.

The cyclist suffered injuries, and that matter was being dealt with in the civil courts, the lawyer said.

Dr Quigley had "accepted full responsibility for his actions on the day in question".

He had two adult children, had "toed the line all his life" and was "embarrassed to have come before the court".

His lawyer asked Judge Daly to "dispose of it in a certain manner and leave him without a conviction".

The accused had an unblemished record and was "anxious to avoid a conviction".

Asked about victim impact evidence, Gda Tubridy said the cyclist was happy for him to speak on her behalf.

She had sustained "a number of fractures" and was on crutches for a time. There had been a possibility she would need surgery, but this did not happen due to the Covid-19 crisis.

"She is fully functional at the moment", the garda said.

There was no evidence of damage to the car or bike and the garda agreed it had been a very slight collision.