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Landslide sees road to millionaires' row shut for four months

WEALTHY residents including Bono and Enya have had access to their exclusive Dublin road closed for four months due to a landslide.

Residents of Vico Road, Dalkey -- known as the city's millionaires' row -- have been inconvenienced since January over the road closure.

One resident's garden bank collapsed on to the road four months ago, but works to repair the mess only began this week, causing a massive inconvenience to its famous residents.

A roadblock closed off access to some of Dublin's most expensive mansions to motorists.

One resident told the Herald: "For people living there, it's a big inconvenience.

"It's also the nicest viewing point in Dublin for tourists really because you get a panorama and cars invariably park there and tourists go for walks and stop and take photos."

He added: "It's amazing that the council didn't just go ahead with it and decide to sort out who should pay for it later.

"It's a big inconvenience because it adds a few miles for anyone living along there."

Cllr Cormac Devlin said that residents were very concerned over the the lack of effort by the council authorities to have the road reopened.

"Residents have been trying to get answers from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council about reopening the road for months yet the council's response, some claim, has been seriously inadequate."


He stressed: "I cannot understand how it has taken the council until April to decide to repair the subsidence of land under the Roads Act."

However, a spokesman from the council's Transportation Department confirmed that repairs are being undertaken since Tuesday where the landslide, which includes a collapsed wall, is situated.

She added: "It is expected that the road will be reopened towards the end of May or beginning of June."

However, residents who use the exclusive road to access Dalkey village insist that they've been inconvenienced by delays in the repairs.

The council sought structural engineering advice on the works required to make the public road safe to reopen.

But there were delays before the repair works could be undertaken.

Cllr Devlin said: "The fact that it's been closed off since January is appalling.

"The council has begun works but not before too long. When this happened in January the Road Act should have begun.

"Anyone in the area would obviously be annoyed.

The tidy towns in Dalkey have been working very hard and they're concerned."