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Landlords ‘must give Irish Water tenants’ names’


Irish Water spokeswoman Elizabeth Arnett

Irish Water spokeswoman Elizabeth Arnett

Irish Water spokeswoman Elizabeth Arnett

LANDLORDS have been asked to provide the names of their tenants to Irish Water to prevent being charged for usage of tenants who fail to pay.

Representative groups for residential landlords have asked for a meeting with Environment Minister Alan Kelly to clarify with Mr Kelly what will happen if tenants do not pay the charge.

Fintan McNamara, of the Residential Landlords Association, said that Irish Water has advised them to provide the names of tenants who have yet to register for Irish Water charges.

The occupier of a property is liable to pay domestic water charges, unless they can prove they do not live at the address

Just 17pc of tenants have registered for Irish Water to date.

Spokesperson for Irish Water Elizabeth Arnett confirmed that it is now accepting the names of landlords who wish to prove they are renting out their properties.

“We had a disproportionately low response from rented accommodation so hence it is important that we reach out,” Ms Arnett said.“The other group that we have had a low response from are people who have their own wells, septic tanks or services or are on group water schemes.

“I understand in a way that they are not customers of Irish Water and they haven’t responded yet. We want to avoid sending a bill.

“We have no way of knowing unless these people contact us. They won’t be able to get their grants if they don’t contact us.”

Ms Arnett also said that two-thirds of households have now registered with the facility.

“We have total responses of 1,227,000. Almost a million of those would be households that are receiving water services from us so, in terms of total responses, we are about two thirds of the way there,” Ms Arnett said.

Irish Water urged anyone who had queries to contact them.