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Ladies get down to the knitty gritty with replicas of city life

Knitted sculptures of some of Dublin's famous landmarks are on display today at the Mansion House.

Visitors can view the knitted work of the 'Stitch and Bitch' group which commemorates current and former buildings in Dublin.

The replicas on display include The Luas, The Poolbeg Chimneys, Rialto cinema and Fatima Mansions as part of their Knitted Together project.

The woolly wonders were created by 18 women, all from the Dublin 8 area, aged between 50 and 70-years-old who meet regularly in Rialto to knit and catch up over tea.

Artist Sadhbh Lawlor joined the group a year ago to lead the ongoing project.

Inspiration for the artwork came from the local women themselves, who wanted to personally document their own lives and local environment.

"Memory is at the back of it because there has been so much change and regeneration over the last while and even with technology, it's trying to retain ideas that are slipping out of consciousness at the moment. There's an unending stream of things they could do as long as we can pull them off," Lawlor told the Herald.

The women all collaborated together on the pieces contributing their differing skill and various levels of ability.

The 'Stitch and Bitch' group has completed different projects, including models of the women's own homes.


Their work has been on display in community centres in the local area.

The group debuted at the EU House earlier this year where they showcased their version of Fatima Mansions, which first caught the eye of Lord Mayor Christy Burke.

Today's display in the Mansion House is like nothing they've done before.

"It's never been on this big a scale," said Ms Lawlor.

The ladies hope to keep expanding the project and are already keen to look to the future.

"It has just been growing and growing all the time, everyone is very engaged in it.

"It might be interesting to get more historical this time, to go beyond the local history," Ms Lawlor said, hinting that phase four might focus on commemorating the Easter 1916 rising.

Next on the agenda for the group is to celebrate the Worldwide Knitting in Public Day with a Homecoming event in June .