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Labourer gets ¤7k damages

A 22-year-old labourer who said one of his overseers had punched him in the head at work has been awarded damages for assault in the Circuit Civil Court.

Stuart Smith sued his former employer, Dublin Meath Growers Society Ltd, for breach of contract, as well as Oleg Gerasymenko (31) for assault. The court heard that in February 2008 there had been an altercation in the company packing house at The Ward, Dublin.

Mr Gerasymenko, of Charlestown Way, Finglas, Dublin, had told Mr Smith of Woodlawn Way, Santry, to go home and had slapped him. Punches were exchanged and they had to be separated by a colleague.

Mr Smith was awarded damages of €7,500 against Gerasymenko for assault. The pair were both sacked. The judge dismissed claims against the company by both Smith and Gerasymenko for breach of contract.

Nato troops repel Serbs

Nato troops in Kosovo fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of Serbs resisting the dismantling of a concrete barricade put up to block Kosovo authorities from controlling the Serb-dominated area.

Tear gas was fired after several hundred Serb protesters removed the barbed wire. Nato did not immediately comment.

Tear gas fired at nuke demo

Riot police fired tear gas at anti-nuclear protesters in a Normandy field while activists damaged a railway and delayed the departure of a train carrying recycled uranium to Germany.

About 300 demonstrators clashed with police in fields in the village of Lieusaint, outside Valognes, the site of the rail depot from where the train loaded with the uranium departed.

Ex-inmate loses damages bid

A judge has dismissed a €38,000 damages claim by a 29-year-old former prisoner who alleged he had suffered a needle-stick injury in Mountjoy Prison.

Garry Ledden, of Upper Oriel Street, Dublin, told Circuit Court President Mr Justice Matthew Deery yesterday that the incident happened on December 7, 2008, in the shower room.