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L-drivers targeted by road maniacs

LEARNER drivers face a barrage of tailgating, bullying, intimidation and verbal abuse, warns a new survey. Reported incidents also include stones, eggs and fireworks being hurled as new drivers take to the road.

Astonishingly perpetrators have included buses, taxis, commercial vans and, in one case, a health vehicle with patients on board as well as members of the public.

Car-ramming, racial abuse and threats of physical violence have also been witnessed.

The AA Driving School said a catalogue of incidents had been described by a panel of instructors, who had reported many incidents to police and -- in cases where commercial drivers are involved -- to employers. In one case, a driver shunted a learner's car into a wall to force his way past in busy traffic.

"An idiotic few see the L-plate as their own licence to harass learners with actions that are cowardly, bullying and sometimes downright dangerous," said director Simon Douglas.