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Knifeman is zapped with Taser after threats to gardai

GARDAI were forced to use a Taser gun to subdue a man who was armed with a knife when he threatened and lunged at officers.

The drama started to unfold in the Carrickmines Manor estate in Sandyford at around 8am today when gardai arrived at a house to execute a bench warrant for the man’s arrest.

After gardai broke into the property, the Algerian man armed himself with a knife and lunged at a female officer.

The suspect, who was behaving erratically, then threatened officers and a two hour stand-off ensued with dozens of officers being called.

Eventually the man was arrested after being targeted with a Taser gun.


He is now being detained at Dun Laoghaire Garda Station.

Witnesses told the Herald that the man was armed with a large kitchen knife as he jumped out of a bedroom window of the property in the Carrickmines Manor estate.

They described how he lunged at the female garda as officers called to his home at around 7.45am.

The garda sought refuge in a neighbouring house, while her colleague drew his baton and called for reinforcements.

A stand-off ensued, with the man shouting at the growing contingent of gardai while openly armed with the knife.

“This had been going on for a while. I think the man needs help. He’s been reported before and I think there’s warrants out for him,” said one resident.

“I heard the gardai got in touch with his Irish partner today and got a key of the house from her because they wanted to talk to him.

“When they arrived he jumped out the window and went for one of them with a knife.

“Then more gardai arrived and eventually they used a Taser gun on him before taking him away.”

Local families say he has been a source of trouble in the recent past, making noise and shouting in Arabic. It is believed he used to be a truck or bus driver, and has been living at the house for over two years with his partner.

“He was shouting ‘leave me alone’ and was very angry, and he kept pacing back and forward with the knife in his hand,” said a witness.

“There were about 30 or 40 gardai at one stage, and about a dozen squad cars and four or five unmarked cars.

“Then we saw garda with guns and the next thing there were was a few loud shots and they used the Taser on him. It was very shocking because this area is so quiet.”

The man was handcuffed and taken away in a garda van after the stand-off ended at around 10am.